In her voice
A platform to showcase excellence in female authorship.

About the Series:

Writing is a process and behind each book lies a story of that process. This event series aims to platform the complex realities that accompany any publication.


Our hope is that in gathering in celebration of the woman writer, we will organize spaces in which collective reflection is encouraged.



A huge Thank You to all of the amazing women and non binary authors who were a part of the 2019 In Her Voice event series!

Carolyn Forché - What You Have Heard is True

Ausma Zehanat Khan - A Deadly Divide

Samra Zafar - A Good Wife

Ruth Panofsky - Toronto Trailblazers

Nicole Lundrigan - Hideaway

Alix Ohlin - Dual Citizens

Catherine McKercher - Shut Away

Laurie Petrou - Love, Heather

Shamim Sarif - The Athena Protocol

T Kira Madden - Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls

Kristen Worley - Woman Enough

Eve Ensler - The Apology

S.K. Ali - Love from A to Z

Alicia Elliott - A Mind Spread Out on the Ground

Joanne Vannicola - All We Knew But Couldn't Say

Amy Spurway - Crow

Rhea Tregebov - Rue des Rosiers

Kate Armstrong - The Stone Frigate

Laurie Sarkadi - Voice in the Wild

Nancy Jo Cullen - The Western Alienation Merit Badge

C.S. O'Cinneide - Petra's Ghost

Becky Blake - Proof I Was Here

Anna Maxymiw - Dirty Work

Yasuko Thanh - Mistakes to Run With

Hilary Davidson - One Small Sacrifice

Kelly S. Thompson - Girls Need Not Apply

Bindu Suresh - 26 Knots

Victoria Hetherington - Mooncalves

Téa Mutonji - Shut Up You're Pretty

Jess Taylor - Just Pervs

Amy Fung - Before I Was a Critic I Was a Human Being

Zalika Reid-Benta - Frying Plantain

Seyward Goodhand - Even That Wildest Hope

Nadja Lubiw-Hazard - The Nap-Away Motel

Sara Peters - I Become a Delight to my Enemies

Anar Ali - Night of Power

Victoria Freeman - A World without Martha

Jessica Westhead - Worry




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