Nothing Left to Lose

Nothing Left to Lose Book Cover Nothing Left to Lose
Philip Slayton
Sutherland House

Canadians like to think that our lack of political drama in comparison to Trump-era America and Brexit-crazed UK is indicative of our civic virtue. But what if our relative calm is really evidence of less admirable qualities: excessive deference and obedience, and outright servility? In this no-holds-barred essay, acclaimed legal expert and author Philip Slayton (Lawyers Gone Bad) lays bare the unpleasant reality of public life in Canada: that the freedoms necessary for the survival of liberal democracy are eroding and disappearing within our borders. Ranging from universities to law courts, from Parliament to Canadian literature, Slayton’s sharp insights spare no quarter of Canadian society. Nothing Left to Lose has something to delight and offend everyone. Its fiery call for action to rescue freedom in Canada is certain to spark a national conversation.

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