The Fact of a Body

The Fact of a Body Book Cover The Fact of a Body
Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich
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In June of 2003 a first-year law student travelled to New Orleans to volunteer her services at a firm that excelled at fighting death sentences. From childhood she had an aversion to capital punishment, (both her parents were lawyers,) so this, for her, was more than just an internship to polish the resume.

That day she watched the videotaped confession of a man convicted of killing a young boy and it turned her life upside down. After she graduated from law school she “left the law,” but the effects of watching that video tape embedded.  There were aspects of the case that bothered her, and the more she investigated them the more they troubled her, and the more she found eerie echoes from her own life.

More than ten years later she produced this stunning, unforgettable book. After you have read it you will not be the same person you were when you opened it up.

Masterfully combining the story of convicted pedophile killer Ricky Langley with her own experiences of growing up in the privileged confines of the North-East, Alexandria Marzano-Leznevich’s book will shake you up.

You could not, as they say, make this stuff up.

Excursions into the American legal system often have an Alice in Wonderland aspect, but this is much more than a tale of justice denied, or swept away. You could not, as they say, make this stuff up. There are times when you just have to put it down and stare off into space; there are times, days after finishing it, that you ask yourself if you really read that part of it.

This is a book about silence, and about contrived deafness; it is a book about the profound effects of resource deficits in American institutions; it is, ultimately, about the elusive nature of justice.

Ricky Langley committed an unspeakable crime. Marzano-Leznevich has created a brilliant genre-busting book. This is their story.

Ben McNally
Ben reads almost anything, for the most part with an eye for the unusual, the overlooked and the underappreciated. He regularly makes presentations of current noteworthy titles to interested parties, both in the store and out.